We are proud to offer the discriminating Realtor an "old-world", genuine wood, 4x4, real estate sign post.  Your customers will respect your judgment for providing them with the finest in the industry.

Hand-Manufactured in our plant in White Water to demanding real estate standards and painted in colors to match YOUR Corporate Colors, you will SEE the difference!  The Post Man's posts are freshly painted each time they are placed in the field and future clients will see the difference between a Post Man post and any other, guaranteed! 

Offered at prices that have no competition.  Easy to Install ... Easy to Remove.  Tough, strong, dependable in the harshest winds, using the finest stainless, nickel clad, or chrome hardware.  A primer coat of paint to protect from dampness & bugs, a final coat for durability against wind & sand.  We now offer Kilz Premium Hi-Gloss final coats on all our bright-white posts, at no extra charge.  Built to last for 20 years or more.

Whether You Use 18" x 24" Signs, or 3 ft. x 2 ft. signs, or need a Commercial Sign Installed on a 20 acre piece of property The Post Man is Here for YOU!


 Blue, Green , C21 Yellow , Red , White , HOA Tan , Pink , Purple , Teal

Currently we offer a variety of colors and we are more than happy to customize a color to match your corporate colors.

Choose from all blue, green, Century 21 Yellow/gold, red, white, HOA tan (approved in many private gated communities), pink, purple, or teal.