How to Order a Post REMOVAL

Send an email with a FRESH SUBJECT LINE ... First, put the Listing Address, followed by the word REMOVE

Be sure your signature in the body shows us who is sending the email.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE a reply from us with the REMOVAL DATE and 2 hour time window, within 24 -48 hours of your sending Monday thru Thursday, PLEASE CALL US AND GIVE US THE DATE & TIME OF YOUR EMAIL so that we can track it down,  We're admittedly HUMAN, but working on it.  760-406-1771

We need an email to make copies of orders for our DRIVERS, the phone call is to wake management!

Welcome to the TPM Club

(Top Premium Members)

Our prices are divided into 5 -8 Sectors, depending on the Round Trip mileage.  This encourages discounts on multiple installations in same area, within 5 miles.

1.  Zone 1 is up to 35 miles Round trip ( examples, Cabazon, Palm Springs, Windy Point, and IN TOWN Western, 

Yucca Valley

2.  Zone 2 is 36-50 miles, Desert Hot Springs, Banning, Rancho Mirage,

upper Y.V. city area off Joshua Lane, Cathedral City

3.  Zone 3 is 51 - 65 miles round trip, Palm Desert, most of western Indio,  Thousand Palms

Eastern Yucca Valley and Upper Joshua Lane, Joshua Tree can be Zone 4 or Zone 3 depending on round

trip mileage

4.  Zone 4 is 66-80 miles round trip, Coachella City, Upper sections of Palm Desert

 on Hwy 72, eastern areas of Indio, Most of La Quinta

5.  Zone 5 is OUTER AREAS, Landers, Johnson Valley, covering round trip mileage of 81 to 95 miles.

For Round Trip mileage Enter The Post Man's address first, then the listing address, and then Post Man address again.  This will give you the exact Round Trip mileage.  If you have multiple listings we will give you a quantity discount depending on mileage.   Zone 4&5 may not qualify for a discount, but will get consideration on the post/sign pick-up

  1. Special Requests for areas 96 to 110 miles round trip will be quoted via email.  Up to $50 extra may be attached for sign/post pick-ups in Zone 4 and 5..  Special Order requests for outer outer areas such as Borrego Springs should be emailed with the listing address to:

  2. TPM Club Memberships are only $150 for TWENTY INSTALLATIONS ... if you install two per year, your memberships is good for 10 YEARS.  You will have a FREE CHOICE of Brochure Box Deluxe with Business Card access, and/or a custom Rider Holder with hardware, plus a Wind Detente when you send us your sign in advance via USPS First Class ($10), unless you are one of the 100's who have already sent us their signs, thank you!

NON- TPM Club Members

Same prices as TPM Club members PLUS $5 per month Post Lease or $19.99 + tax for 6 months.  This is automatically added when you order.

6 month option is included at $19.99 with your first lease ( included FREE with TPM Club🚩 orders).  If you sell your listing in a month or two SEND REMOVAL EMAIL and we will credit you for 2 FREE months on your NEXT order.