Basic Account TPM Membership
Member Price Free $129.99/year
AGENCY RATE $259.99/year
Post Installation & Removal
(price includes both)
   $59.99-$99.99* $49.99-$89.99*
Post Lease    $19.99 per 6 months**       FREE***
Post Lease Renewal $5.00 FREE
Brochure Box Lease $5.00 FREE
Rider Holder Lease $7.00 FREE
Wind Detente Lease $5.00 FREE
Post Install Verification Picture Message $5.00 FREE
Sales Tax (7.75%) On Everything On Membership Fee Only
Post Removal for 29 Palms or Coachella City $35 for 1, $50 for 2 (same day)
Post Removal for over 50 miles RT from Whitewater $50 for 1, $70 for 2 (same day)

*Includes up to 95 miles roundtrip from Whitewater, CA. Due to the EXTREME mileage we are forced to charge $50 to pick up posts from Zones 4 and 5. TWO posts in same zone & area and SAME DAY are $75 extra for BOTH. This fee is OVER AND ABOVE the basic fee paid initially.
**Includes 2 months free if paid for with Paypal or Square. ***Up to 20 free post leases per yearly membership OR up to 50 free post leases per yearly membership of AGENCY RATE/ TPM FREE POST LEASE is good for up to ONE YEAR ($5/month for months 13 or more.)