Q: Do you offer posts for larger signs?
A: Yes! Legal size in most desert areas is 24" across and 18" tall. We also offer a post for signs up to 30"across. Please call us at 760-406-1771 for custom ordering.

Q: Why should I choose The Post Man?
A: With over 12 years experience, The Post Man is the #1 post regulator in the Coachella Valley & surrounding areas (Tri-County area).

Q: What if I pay for 6 months & only need the post for 4 months total with escrow?
A: When you place your "Removal" order, please note that you would like any remaining months to be applied to your next TPM order.

Q: I want to sell a house in the Salton Sea area. Does TPM go there?
A: Yes! The Post Man will go anywhere in Riverside County, Imperial County, or San Bernadino County.

Q: Is there any city in the Coachella Valley where I can put larger than a 24" x 18" sign?
A: Yes! In Coachella City ONLY. Yucca Valley is OK too.

Send Your Signs via FedEx, UPS, or DHL to:
The Post Man, 15234 Painted Hills Rd., Whitewater, CA 92282

IMPORTANT: Please have your sign available at the location for installation at time of  post installation ... OR send it to us in advance! 

Please note that our current wood of choice is Douglas Fir, mainly for it's durability and resistance to rot when primered with Kilz Paint!  This also provides one of the strongest posts you can build ... but nothing is totally indestructible!